PokerStars Atlantic City

PokerStars Atlantic City

Someday East Coast Poker players may be saying “lets go to Pokerstars Atlantic City tonight”.

Rumor has it (Wall Street Journal) that the very popular Pokerstars is working behind the scenes to acquire The Atlantic Club Hotel casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. I’ve heard from several sources the approximate price is around 50 million usd. A bargain if you ask me.

Atlantic city casino revenues are down these days but teamed up with a huge online presence I believe the marriage can be a very profitable one for the company and if executed properly a huge benefit to east coast Poker players.

The New Jersey Government has been working for a while now to get online poker a reality for its residents. Something I fully support and believe that someday all US States will allow along with Sportsbook. Hey, I can buy loto tickets and I honestly don’t see ANY difference.

Steve Wynn built The Atlantic Club in the 80’s and was called the Golden Nugget. Too bad Steve isn’t involved in AC now a days. A lot more people would be visiting and working if that were true. Steve has the Golden touch (no pun intended) when it come to building first class resorts. Just ask Las Vegas.

PokerStars is also involved in The Hippodrome Casino in London and plans to open a PokerStars poker room there in 2013.

I for one am hoping to soon be visiting and reporting on the PokerStars poker rooms in Atlantic City.


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