Internet Gaming, it’s in the cards for New Jersey

Internet Gaming, it’s in the cards for New Jersey

Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Looks like New Jersey Governor Christie will allow New Jersey to legalize Internet gambling but only if lawmakers agree to certain conditions. Those conditions are: limit online wagering to a 10-year test period and impose higher taxes (15% vs 10%) on casino revenue.

Christie said, “With these goals in mind, I have concluded that now is the time for our State to move forward, again leading the way for the nation, by becoming one of the first States to permit Internet gaming”. He officially vetoed the deal but word is lawmakers are already saying they will quickly resubmit a deal with Governor Christie’s demand. They too agree internet gambling will be good for New Jersey and Atlantic City.

This is especially good news for The Atlantic Club casino which Poker Stars is trying to buy and this internet gambling bill was a big piece of that puzzle.

I’m excited about this and believe if implemented correctly by Atlantic City Casinos a new chapter in Atlantic City History is about to be written.


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  1. It doesn’t look like internet gambling is as big of a draw in Atlantic City, than first expected when the legislation was passing through the state legislature.


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